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Maternity Dress of Louise, Queen of Prussia


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Royal items from Megan’s favorite collection, The Walters Art Museum

Portrait of Infante Ferdinand of Spain

Ferdinand of Spain (1571-1577) was the son of Philip II of Spain and a half-brother of Archduchess Isabella. He still wears a skirt, so he must be about four years old. Coello trained in Brussels and spent much of his career in Philip’s service. His portrait of Ferdinand in a green coat with a pet bird was in the king’s estate; this is that painting or a version made for a relative such as Isabella.

Royal items from Megan’s favorite museum, The Walters Art Museum

Portrait of King Francis I of France

By the early 16th century rulers began to recognize the political value of distributing portraits of themselves to followers as a way of reminding them of, and rewarding them for, their allegiance. In this, Francis I, King of France from 1515 to 1547, was very adept. Here, he presents himself as fashionably elegant, pious (the religious hat badge), yet physically powerful. One famous portrait of the king was made around 1525 by the Netherlander Joos van Cleve. Based on this painting, now in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the artist’s workshop produced at least 20 copies, including this one, to be given by the king as gifts.

Royal items from Megan’s favorite museum, The Walters Art Museum

Portrait of Catherine de Medici

Catherine de’ Medici (1519-89) was the daughter of Lorenzo de’ Medici, the duke of Urbino, and his French wife. Catherine married the duke of Orleans, later King Henry II of France (1519-59). Here, she is depicted with a widow’s cap, which she continued to wear long after her husband’s death. She was a patron and admirer of the exquisite enamel tableware produced in Limoges. A linear, refined style with little shading is typical of the work of François Clouet, painter to the French court at Fontainebleau and a favorite of Queen Catherine. There are many versions of this painting, made for courtiers and family who wanted a portrait of the queen.

Royal items from Megan’s favorite museum, The Walters Art Museum

A pair of vases

This vase and its mate demonstrate the extraordinarily high quality of production maintained at the Sèvres Manufactory during the early 19th century. Their shape, known as “carafe étrusque,” was based on that of ancient vessels collected by Dominique Vivant, baron of Denon, during his service at the French embassy in Rome prior to the French Revolution. Nicolas-Marie Moriot, a figure-painter at Sèvres, based his images of the reigning King Louis-Philippe and Queen Marie-Amèlie on prints after Franz Xaver Winterhalter’s portraits of the monarch and his wife. The rich decoration of palmettes, rosettes, and flower-forms is painted in gold and platinum.

HRH The Countess of Wessex with her son James, Viscount Severn watching the Rugby 7’s at the Commonwealth Games, Glasgow, Scotland. It seems it all got a bit too loud for young James.

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Royal items from Megan’s favorite museum, The Walters Art Museum

Medallion of Louis XVI

This image of the king, who was also the proprietor of the Sèvres porcelain manufactory, was modeled by Louis-Simon Boizet, director of sculpture at the factory.

Royal Items from Megan’s favorite museum, The Walters Art Museum

This exquisite gold medallion is from a series depicting members of the family of King James I of England. His daughter Elizabeth and her husband Frederick V of the Rhine Palatinate, one of the princely electors of the Holy Roman Empire, had their court in Heidelberg, Germany. The couple had married in 1613, and their son Frederick Hendrick was born in 1614. He is a toddler here, so De Passe likely made the medallion around 1616, when he was working in London. De Passe was a well-known engraver, and he probably used portrait miniatures in opaque watercolor as his models. The medallion is designed as a pendant (such as Elizabeth herself wears).


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I’m doing something a bit different, and showing some stuff from my most favorite museum in the world: The Walters Art Museum!

I’ve been to tons of museums and this little guy in Baltimore takes the cake. I seriously feel like this when I walk through its doors:

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Here’s some of their royal-related items; hope you enjoy!